• Refurbish • Reuse • Recycle

    RET3’s eco- friendly processes enable you to dispose of E-Waste in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

  • R2 and RIOS Certified

    RET3 is certified to the recycling industry standards, R2 and RIOS. We provide safe and responsible recycling solutions for the re-purposing of E-Waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Click the logos below to learn more about these certifications.

  • Charitable

    Through the collection and donation of electronic waste, RET3 reuses serviceable parts to refurbish thousands of computers every year, then distributing those computers to not-for-profit organizations.

  • Trusted

    Hard drives and other physical media contain sensitive and private information. RET3 utilizes data sanitization software or other physical destruction methods to ensure your data is kept safe.

  • Committed

    Our No Landfill guarantee means all electronic waste that comes through our facility will either be reused or harvested for parts or recycled and will never see a landfill.